Iron Deficiency

There are few blood disorders that are easily correctable, however iron deficiency is one of them. Iron deficiency can cause a low red blood cell count, known as anaemia. Iron is an essential building block of haemoglobin in red cells. Without it, most people start to feel tired and have trouble concentrating. Some people notice their nails become brittle and their hair starts to thin.

We use the lastest formulation of intravenous iron (iron carboxymaltose) to rapidly correct iron deficiency. This was listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in 2014. The rates of allergic reaction to this new formulation are extremely low, with the majority of patients noticing a significant improvement in energy levels by two weeks.

Dr Sarah Kamel assesses all patients pre iron infusion for the cause of their deficiency.

We aim to promptly see patients and can generally arrange a same day iron infusion if it is required. You will need a referral from your GP.

Iron infusion- what to expect:

Rate of severe allergic reaction: less than 1 person out of 1000.

Some people notice mild ‘flu like symptoms the next day, however this is less common with the new formulation, which we use.

The infusion takes up to 20 minutes to infuse through an intravenous cannula (this is a tiny piece of plastic tube which goes into an arm vein-insertion only stings for a second). All iron infusions are given in the Day Centre, which is located 5 metres (literally) from our rooms.

Please wear a top/dress that has sleeves that can easily be rolled up. You can either dress up or wear your trackies if you like, but not your PJs.

Please let us know if you are/think you could be pregnant as we do not use intravenous iron in the first trimester of pregnancy and use an alternative formulation in the second and third trimesters.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluid before you come in for treatment.